Information Disclosure Processes

A process of information disclosure is the method through which a company makes its customers investors, customers, and all other employees aware of relevant information. This article will outline how companies can provide information to increase transparency and create trust in the people who best site they conduct business.

Researchers have centered their research on disclosure mechanisms, and the variables that regulate them, primarily in relation to human-tohuman interaction. However, with the advent of chatbots, which mimic human conversations using textual interfaces researchers have begun to investigate whether and how people disclose information to chatbots. The results of these studies are mixed, but overall people appear to be willing to divulge the same kinds of data to chatbots as they would to a person (Ho et al., 2019).

A significant factor in this could be the perceived sensitivity of the data. Several studies have categorized data types based on their perceived security, with secure identifiers such as passwords and account numbers being the most sensitive. Participants in these studies also assessed personal “preferences” such as religious or political affiliations, as well as medical histories as extremely sensitive.

It is important to remember that the examiner is going to consider all information disclosures that are filed within three months of the filing date and that adhere to the format specifications set forth in 37 CFR 1.98. This is irrespective of what has transpired during the examination process up to that point, including any non-compliance with the information disclosure rules.

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